Website Content Management

A while ago I discovered that in the HTML5 specification there is a ContentEditable attribute which can be applied to webpages to make them editable without any editors such as CKEditor (which I have used in the past). Using a combination of ContentEditable and a simple overlay in the corner of each page (when logged in), I can now edit any page just like within a document editor (with working copy & paste of formatted data!). With a bit more modification it is also possible to allow pasting of images directly into the page from the clipboard as seen below (the green indicates the currently selected option).

Also there are times when you just want to edit the source directly to do some formatting or insertion of elements, as there are no editor buttons to help with things like tables. To support source modification there is an Edit Page button which takes you to a syntax highlighted source of the current page as seen below.

At some point it would be nice to not only modify the contents of the page, but also the header and the footer from within the same page, with the modifications being saved to the appropriate files, but that will have to come later :-)

Website Hosting

Currently this site is running from two VPS', each mirroring the other to provide decent uptime, coming to about £2.46 a month. Also, with two separately running servers by completely different companies, there has been a recorded 15 min downtime since 2014-11-01 (as checked by Pingdom), so something like a 99.999% uptime.


All the old notes from my previous version of this site are here, nothing much of interest, just a few small notes.